Psaki Finally Gives Answers on Why Biden Admin Wants IRS To Snoop on Bank Transactions…


Image From Video Below…

The Next News Network – Katie Pavlich from Townhall reports, Speaking to reporters at the White House Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended the Democrat proposal, tucked into President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion Build Back Better spending plan, that would allow the IRS to monitor all bank transactions of $600 or more.

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Make Sharpton and Biden pay their back taxes.

If the IRS wants to look at americans bank accounts they should look at the rich politicians and account for every penny of their money before looking at the average americans.

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  1. I sure hope the IRS will go after Biden, Sharpton, Clintons, etc., for NOT paying their fair share in taxes. Each should be locked up, until they pay what they owe.


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