Private Homes are Attacked by BLM Rioters in Wisconsin


Image Screenshot From Julio Rosas Twitter Post Below.

The “peaceful protesters” were out and at it again in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. The riots did not stop while the debates went on and the news of President Trump testing positive for the coronavirus got out. But then again, the truth never mattered to them anyway.

On Wednesday, word got out that although 17-year-old Alvin Cole died, Police Officer Joseph Mensah, who was also black, would not be facing charges. The reason behind this is that there was sufficient evidence that proves the Wauwatosa officer acted in self-defense.

Unsurprisingly, this ticked the “peaceful protesters” off. A group went on a rampage smashing everything they could as they went through the town. First, they targeted businesses and smashed up the storefront windows.


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Julio Rosas was on the scene and reported for Townhall. He posted videos on his Twitter account, showing the events that happened. One of these is the video of the protesters smashing the windows of businesses in town.

But that wasn’t enough for them. They then switched from smashing the windows of businesses to smashing the windows of private houses. They marched through the neighborhoods in Wauwatosa, throwing whatever they could, and smashing windows and glass doors.

As they got to one particular house, the owner told them to get off his property. He let them know that they’re targeting the wrong people because most of the people who live on that block are supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The guy tried to reason with them, but they proved that they just do not care. If the people on their block stop supporting the BLM after that fiasco, I wouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully, the whole incident opened their eyes.

After that, they began looting a gas station in Wauwatosa. They took whatever they wanted, and as if that wasn’t enough, they also made a mess of the station. Watch the video, and you’ll even see and hear them laughing and grinning from ear to ear as they stole whatever they wanted.

The BLM rioters have shown that destroying businesses and public property is no longer enough for them. They’ve moved on to damaging private homes, and who knows when they’ll decide to attack innocent bystanders?

Where is Joe Biden, and why is he not condemning BLM or Antifa? Biden has even gone as far as denying that Antifa is an organization. As the Democratic presidential candidate, Biden has to answer all questions and do his best to explain to all the victims why they were terrorized and why the Democrats think it’s nothing.

But then again, if he’s not reading off a teleprompter, will he be able to?

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