Predicted: The Next Wave of China Virus Lockdowns, with Proof…


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Charlie Kirk – Charlie Kirk Predicts the Next Wave of China Virus Lockdowns—With PROOF

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Anyone notice that this variant showed up conveniently when things were getting back to normal. As soon as they realized not as many people were getting vaccinated as predicted suddenly a “Delta variant” shows up.

Just say NO!!! If you let them do this again, you won’t walk out of it this time. SAY NO!!!! Stand together!

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  1. Fauci should be indicted for crimes against humanity, perjury to Congress, treason for helping the Chinese Communist Party develop this virus, mass murder and profiteering from the vaccines. He has killed so many people by saying that ivermectin and hydrochloriquon did not work. HOW CAN ANYONE BELIEVE ANYTHING HE SAYS?

    • What a shame since the democrats have a pathological lying problem and the main stream media no longer has a conviction to serve the public w/ truth. The both groups and many other institutions have lost a Majority of the populations trust & creditability!! It takes no Einstein to figure that one out. So therefore, who is going to believe the mad scientist Fauci. He will say anything if you pay him a dollar.

  2. THIS MAN IS AN ABSOLUTE VILE, EVIL & DISGUSTING POS! He should be charged with Thousands of Murders for denying that legitimate treatments work, just to suck the butts of the Dems & get Trump out of office! He’s a Chinese Cohort & needs to be prosecuted!

  3. Fauci is a vile, evil POS just as we know. Being he is supported by the radical left he is insulated from justice, so far. However, that will not remain forever. When justice does come it will put Fauci in a hole he can never get out of.

  4. Fauci’s time is a coming. I’m just surprised being considered an expert “scientist” he has not figure the temperature of the people. He should know Americans don’t like being dictated too or pushed around by a weasel like him.


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