Poll Watcher Submits Affidavit Alleging Voter Fraud


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Harris County District Attorney’s Office received an affidavit in early November from a Texas poll watcher alleging to have witnessed an election judge and staff in voter fraud.


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Retired police officer Raymond T. Stewart stated in the affidavit that a precinct judge and staff in Houston allowed people to vote at a drive-thru window. They allegedly used a stack of driver’s licenses. 

Stewart claimed the unattended stack of driver’s licenses on the table is a possible crime. He relayed the information to Deputy W. Schultz, a Precinct 1 officer. However, he suspected someone overheard his report since the driver’s licenses were already removed and hidden when the deputy went inside.

According to the retired police officer, the Deputy left the area to refer to the election authorities. Harris County District Attorney’s Office had no immediate comment on the issue.

Stewart is a volunteer poll watcher for candidate Andre Hines and has served more than 30 years as a Texas Peace Officer.

In his affidavit, he stated that he “observed several oddities” in the polling location but what took his attention most was the table in the middle of the sign-in tables One and Three. 

Stewart said he saw a stack of driver’s licenses on the said table. He claimed a staff would go back inside from the drive-thru voting booth to scan a driver’s license from someone outside the building and return outside with a ticket. 

However, he also observed a staff search through the stack of driver’s licenses placed on the table. The staff then scan it, get a ticket, and also go to the drive-thru booth.

Later that day, a deputy that he happened to know arrived in the precinct. He told the deputy what he has observed and provided him a piece of evidence – a photo of the stack of driver’s license. 

Stewart said April Elmore (Gibson), the precinct judge, told him to leave the location at 1 PM because he had “observed and collected evidence.”

The retired police officer said he has yet to receive a call from any federal, county, or state authority investigating his complaint.

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