Police rip Biden’s repeated advice to shoot suspects ‘in the leg’


Image Screenshot From Detectives’ Endowment Association Twitter Post Below.

Joe Biden never learns, or should we say, never listens when he repeated advice to shoot suspects in the leg despite earlier comments from law enforcement authorities that the suggestion is not an effective method of avoiding fatalities.

In an ABC town hall Thursday, Joe Biden stated the proposal during his talk on broader police reforms. Talks on reforms mostly began since the killing of George Floyd in May that sparked massive unrest.

Law enforcement groups slammed the Democratic Presidential candidate, denouncing the bid as risky and ignorant.

“You can ban chokeholds. You have to teach people how to de-escalate the circumstances. Instead of anybody coming at you and the first thing you do is shoot to kill, you shoot them in the leg,” he continued.

Buffalo Police Benevolent Association President John Evans told Fox News that Biden’s proposal is “incredibly ignorant” and “absolutely ridiculous.”

“The guy’s clueless,” Evans said, adding that Biden is just trying to “appease” his left-leaning supporters, but the statement is rather foolish.

Clueless Biden might not be aware police officers have been training to target “center mass” instead of the leg.

National Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Joe Gamaldi echoed Evans, calling it “unrealistic,” “completely ridiculous,” and a “pandering talking point.”

Gamaldi shared with the news outlet, “Shootings are dynamic situations, and we shoot to stop the threat,” adding that it’s very difficult to hit a moving target.

Gamaldi argued aiming at the legs is more likely to miss, with only a 50 percent chance of a hit.

There’s a reason why the police are trained to hit the center mass. A moving target’s leg is much smaller and, therefore, more difficult to aim. The fallacy on ‘targeting the legs being less lethal’ was debunked by the two officials. During the interview, they said, hitting the large femoral artery in the high could be fatal too.

More importantly, if the police miss hitting the leg or if the leg shot wouldn’t slow down the suspect, there’s a chance he could do more harm to the officer or citizens.

“If an individual is coming at you with a knife and you shoot for the leg, and you miss, he’s on you,” stated Evans.

Biden first brought up the leg shot in June before Black community leaders, suggesting police should train to shoot suspects in the leg rather than the heart.

Police officials then called out the former vice president on his “unrealistic suggestion, baffling them on why he’s suggesting it again weeks before the national election.

“I don’t know why he repeated it after I’m sure it was pointed out to him that it’s a ridiculous procedure to pursue,” Evans said.

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