Peter Doocy Blows Internet Up with Questioning of Jen Psaki


BlazeTV – Fox News’ Peter Doocy just blew up the internet as he pressed Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki on the crisis at the border. WATCH Reporter corner Press Sec. on why they won’t say there is a crisis at the border

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She is such a horrible liar. Good Grief! Can’t they ever let go of Trump, Trump, Trump? This is all Biden administration’s fault. Payback is a …… Right? Right?

She’s not so smart. She doesn’t ever answer a question, she just blames everything on the last administration. Chucky doll

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  1. Does she ever give an honest answer? Does she always have to blame the “previous” administration? We had secure border, and walls going up under Trump, and on day 1, dumbo reverses it all and now we’ve got a crisis…..

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