Pelosi Will Probably Lose Her Position in January


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On Sunday, Republican California Representative Kevin McCarthy predicted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would not gather enough votes to keep her position in January. He declared, “It’s time America got a Republican Speaker of the House.”


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McCarthy also sat down for an interview on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, where he predicted wins for the Republicans in the House and the Senate.

“They said in the House, Republicans would lose 15-20 seats, every pollster said that Speaker Pelosi and [House Majority Leader Rep.] Steny Hoyer. They also said we would lose the Senate and legislatures as well. What happened?” McCarthy asked.

“We didn’t lose one incumbent. We won every seat except one open. We won 28 of the 29 most competitive seats …. We didn’t lose the Senate,” he added. “We didn’t lose one control of any legislature. Actually, Republicans gained three new legislatures, and we’ve had the most competitive presidential race in our modern history.”

“That’s why every vote should be counted, every recount go forward, and every challenge should be heard,” he said.

Other than that, McCarthy also did the math and predicted that Pelosi won’t be winning back her speakership in January.

“To become Speaker, you have to have 218 votes on the floor,” he noted. “When Pelosi went up for that vote two years ago, there were 15 Democrats who voted against her. Ten of those Democrats will be coming to Congress. Considering those ten votes against her again, she will not be Speaker of the House.”

“We are close enough now that we can control the floor with a few Democrats joining with us,” he declared, adding: “I think it’s better for America the sooner a Republican becomes Speaker.”

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