Pelosi Breaks Her Silence on Cuomo, and It’s Sickening


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi previously said that she believes all women regarding sexual misconduct claims.


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Yet another proof of the double standard portrayed by the left, Pelosi did not condemn Governor Andrew Cuomo for the claims against him. The Political Insider reports, she called on the governor to “look inside his heart” when asked about the allegations he currently faces.

On ABC News’ This Week, Pelosi said, “At the time that these revelations came forward, I said what these women have said must be treated with respect. They are credible and serious charges.”

According to her, this is why she called for an investigation. “With all the respect in the world for what these women have come forth and said,” she emphasized that “there is no tolerance for sexual harassment.”

“But you’re not calling on him to resign right now?” said George Stephanopoulos.

“Hopefully, this [investigation] result will be soon,” Pelosi responded. “What I’m saying is the governor should look inside his heart — he loves New York — to see if he can govern effectively.”

This is what Pelosi broke her silence for—to call on Cuomo to “look inside his heart.” If it were a Republican under scrutiny facing these accusations, she’d be one of the first callings for a resignation.

Such is the double standard shown by the left.

On Tuesday, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer repeated his call for Cuomo to step down. 

According to him, the governor has lost the confidence of his governing partners. Still, Cuomo has stubbornly refused to resign, telling lawmakers they will have to impeach him to get him off the seat.

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