Pelosi Appears to Be Deliberately Stirring Up Riots


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After having a salon open in private to get her hair done despite having to break the rules to do so earlier this month, Nancy Pelosi’s character has been under fierce public scrutiny.

Now it seems she is deliberately trying to stir up riots across America. In the past two months alone, Pelosi has called federal law officers “stormtroopers,” violated the mask rule that she advocates, claimed that she was the victim of a hair salon’s “setup,” and blamed the California fires on an “angry” Mother Nature.

Now we know the truth about Breonna Taylor’s case, and that the authorities and the Democrats have lied about everything.

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The story that the Louisville authorities told was that Breonna Taylor was an innocent black woman who the police killed mercilessly in her bed. According to them, the police had done a no-knock raid of her apartment for no reason at all. They also said that her boyfriend tried to defend her by firing at the police, which is what forced the police to respond by shooting at Taylor and her boyfriend — although Breonna was the only one who got shot and died as a result.

The real story, backed by multiple evidence and a long-running investigation into a narcotics ring, is far different. To begin with, Taylor was not completely innocent at all. Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, who was being investigated for running a drug and weapons ring, frequently went to her apartment which led the police to believe that her apartment was used to store drugs and money.

The police also had a search warrant to enter and search Taylor’s apartment. When they arrived, they knocked and identified themselves as the police. When no one answered the door, they broke it down.

However, as soon as the first police officer went through the door, he saw Taylor and a man standing together at the end of the hall. The man who was later identified as her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, had a gun pointed at the door.

Walker fired the first shot and hit the police officer, which resulted in a barrage of bullets returned by the police. They ended up having to fire 32 rounds, 6 of which hit Taylor, but none at all hit Walker.

Now we have our Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi trying to achieve more political power than she already has. On Friday, she had once again given a speech and insisted that Taylor was “murdered by the police.” Here’s the clip of her saying so:

Even with all the evidence stacked against her, she still said so. Instead of letting the public know the truth, she insists on spreading lies. But then again, the Democrats were the ones responsible for spreading the lie in the first place.

Think it through: do you really want Nancy Pelosi to remain as the most powerful woman in America?

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