PayPal Bans a Major Christian Crowdfunding Site


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

PayPal Holdings Inc. banned a Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo after funds were raised for a rally in the Capitol on Wednesday.


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“Stop the Steal” movement Director Ali Alexander’s account was closed as confirmed with Reuters. Alexander urged people t attend the “Save America Rally” held last January 6, hosted by Women for America First.

However, Jacob Wells, GiveSendGo’s founder, and CFO claimed that his team broke up first with the digital payment processor.
Wells said that PayPal contacted his team on certain campaigns they planned to censor and requested those campaigns to be taken down.

“We told them on a phone call, we disagreed with their stance, but we would take those campaigns down. After discussing it with our team, we decided to stop using PayPal. We broke up first,” added Wells.

The CFO also contradicted Reuters’ report and clarified that GiveSendGo didn’t raise funds for the rally.

“GiveSendGo is a platform. We do not fundraise or promote campaigns on GiveSendGo,” Wells explained, adding that they allow people of all different religions, nationalities, political ideologies, etc., to use the platform for their own fundraising, from their own supporters, and for the things they are passionate about. He added that they do not allow campaigns against the law.

The CFO said GiveSendGo currently uses alternative payment solutions and would continue allowing “all people” to raising funds through the platform as long as lawful.

“We will continue to provide our platform to all people that are fundraising within the boundaries of the law without siding with political ideologies. We are not backing down,” Wells said.

He also stressed the company’s mission of sharing the hope of Jesus with every platform user. His team doesn’t give out money to support and condone every campaign.

Wells narrated Jesus being called as a ‘Friend of Sinners’ since he engaged with all kinds of people.

“If this is what we are being accused of, then guilty as charged,” Wells said.

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