Parler Warned the FBI About the Capitol Riot Threats, FBI Did Nothing…


On Friday, Parler’s Interim CEO Mark Meckler sat down for a phone interview with Blaze TV’s Glenn Beck.


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In January, Apple and Google removed Parler from their app stores because all of the planning for January 6 allegedly happened on the social media platform.

Now, we find out that that wasn’t actually true.

“So tell me about the FBI and Parler and what was happening,” Beck began.

The interim CEO stressed that what he was going to say is important before he went into the details.

“Parler is a free speech platform, but we’ve always prohibited violent threats and incitement on the platform,” he said. “In the days and weeks that led up to January 6th, Parler actually made over 50 referrals of violent content to the FBI, and that included specific threats of violence that were being planned at the Capitol.”

“So we’ve always been cooperative with the FBI in regard to these things. And the idea that we somehow weren’t or that all this planning was taking place on Parler is just a fabrication,” he added.

The host then asked Meckler to clarify whether Parler called the FBI and reported those threats or the FBI had contacted them first.

“So we called them and alerted them,” responded Meckler. He then explained that Parler is a free speech platform and “people can say what they want to say as long as it comports with the First Amendment.”

“But when it looks like people are actually planning or trying to incite actual violence or lawbreaking, then those are things we’re going to report,” he continued.

Nearing the end of the interview, Beck asked the interim CEO why they didn’t say these things when it first happened.

“This is a very hard thing that people don’t understand. I know that as a lawyer, you’ve obviously had to be involved in a lot of this stuff. Sometimes when you want to speak, you have to keep your mouth shut because you need to make sure that you don’t make any mistakes,” Meckler said.

“When you have all the tech giants against you, when you have the government aligned against you—as we do with the House Oversight Committee—you can’t afford to make a single mistake or they’re going to hang you with that,” he continued. “And so we hired what I think are the best lawyers in the area… And they told us, you guys need to lay low.”

According to Meckler, it took until now to sort through all the posts ever made to make sure that he doesn’t “make a single misstatement, because if I do that… they’re just going to hang us with the misstatements.”

“So we had to sit back while we were being attacked. It’s unfortunate, but that’s part of the reality when you get involved in legal stuff like this,” he concluded.

Meckler is now confident enough to go public with the information because all the analysis has been done. And, there is no contradictory evidence that can be used against them.

So weeks before the day itself, Parler had already reported to the FBI that people were planning to storm the Capitol on January 6. The FBI did nothing, and the whole situation was reversed on Parler.

Though the damage has already been done, we can only hope that this information can help Parler now.

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