PA Joins GA and AZ in ‘Full Forensic Audit’…


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Dr. Steve Turley
– We’ve got a trifecta of audits coming in! There’s definitely some movement going on here and in this video, we’re going to try to make some sense of it. We’re going to look at the latest announcement of a Pennsylvania audit, we’re going to see how it relates to those already happening in Arizona and Georgia, and we’re going to see how it all potentially affects the Biden presidency; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

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The more audits, the more irregularities will be found. Audits should be a standard, routine process across all states.

The dam is gonna break. They can’t hide massive election fraud forever. Trump won in a landslide

Signs in Guatemala and El Paso Texas wherever Kamala goes – “Trump Won”. Audit everything!!!!

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