Outrageous New Course Being Offered at UCLA


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President Trump’s staunch supporter’s son revealed what UCLA teaches its students.


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Former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker’s son, Christian Walker, is a UCLA student who has been using social media to defend the president and the conservative values.

Christian currently resides in Los Angeles. He recently gave insight on how it’s like being a young conservative in a liberal city. The young Walker tweeted about a specific area where liberalism attempts to mold the young generations through education.

“I am absolutely disgusted,” Christian wrote.

“My school, @UCLA, is offering a class entitled ‘Discourses of Kindness as Resistance to Trump’s Rhetoric of Division.’ Excuse me? The jobs, opportunities, prosperity, and safety @realDonaldTrump provided was VERY kind. DEFUND THE UNIVERSITIES!!!”

Attached to the tweet was a computer screen photo showing, “Your results for 2020, Fall, Anthropology (ANTHRO).”

“You want to know why we have radical communists graduating from our universities? THIS IS WHY. They’re being indoctrinated instead of studying real subjects. Then after learning about ‘gender’ and ‘kindness’ for 4 years, they have the audacity to ask that we cancel their loans,” Christian continued on his Twitter thread.

Christian has been succeeding his father’s politically inclined remarks. Both Herschel and his son have used their social media accounts to record and post footage of their discussions on political agenda.

Herschel retweeted this week about voter fraud in Georgia. He wrote about the footage showing ballot-filled suitcases pulled under a table AFTER the supervisors have told poll workers to leave the room. Four people stayed to keep counting the votes.

“I’m appalled at my home state, Georgia, is better than this. @BrianKempGA” commented Herschel. Herschel Walker has been an avid supporter of the president who even spoke at the 2020 Republican National Convention to support Trump. His son, Christian, a budding conservative political activist, also attended the event.

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