Outrageous Look at the New Tax the Democrats Wants You to Pay…



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President Joe Biden’s upcoming infrastructure plan promises many great things — creating more jobs, revamping infrastructure, and fighting climate change before improving education and expanding paid leave and health-care coverage.

The Biden administration is looking for ways to fund the $2-$3 trillion plan. One of these is the “traveled tax or mileage tax,” a proposed way to tax people by the miles they drive.

“What about a mileage-based tax?” a reporter asked Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “I think that shows a lot of promise,” he said. “If we believe in that so-called ‘user pays’ principle — the idea that part of how we pay for roads is you pay based on how much you drive — the gas tax used to be the obvious way to do it,” said.

“It’s not anymore, so so-called vehicle miles traveled tax or mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be a way to do it,” he continued.

The price of gas has increased by 25 percent since President Biden took office in January, and this proposed tax would make it difficult for many people.

If this tax idea goes through, it would negatively impact the poor and middle class the most. 

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  1. The white House has fallen, no leadership there to be found, Invaders at our southern border, ridden with unchecked viruses, invasion of illegals still not being stopped. What real effect will this have on our Country, Senate and House want to spend and tax, yet, what will this really change? Where is all this division heading? Why is it being allowed to be happen? Country needs leadership now, to resolve these real issues, is it no where to be found? Elected leaders have left the field of battle. Who will step up and confront the challenges? Contact your officials and let your voice be heard today. Every one has equal say, not just partisan politicians. Some time a call to battle must be heard in between elections, call Washington today and let your voice be heard.


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