Oregon Counties Will Vote on Seceding!



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Tim Pool – Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots. Conservatives in several key counties are hoping to create a state called Greater Idaho which would function the same as Idaho but withy expanded territory. Republican voters feel they are not being represented in Oregon as Democrats in Portland continue to favor only one side of the spectrum. While Far Left Antifa riots sweep their major cities the Democrats continue to provide relief mostly to cities igniting outrage among conservatives The proposed policy would also move northern California into greater Idaho as well. Meanwhile in many other counties similar moves are being made. Republicans and outraged Californians also move to recall governor Gavin newsom

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I’ve been reading comments by Democrats and liberals lately. They hate us so much. I don’t see how we can live in the same country as these people. Maybe secession is the answer.

So, conservatives’ top concerns are actual issues, while top liberal concerns are Trump supporters? Thanks media.

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  1. Those counties in Virginia should have done the same and merged with West Virginia. Same with what happened in Colorado about 7 years ago. GO FOR IT, republican Oregon! Maybe if at least it’s started in one state other states will be encouraged to go through with their plans from years ago and might get Washington and east California to do the same. When looking at the 2016 election map it was clear to me that the communist control very small sections of these states and most of the state is republican or independent. Democart Marxist have been milking money out of the republican sections for years to pay for their screw ball programs that only the Marxist democrats can qualify for.


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