On What Universe is It Acceptable for an AG to Put Out Such a Partisan Message


Image From Josh Shapiro Twitter Post Below.

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania takes the spotlight as one of the closest contests in the vote count and even gained more popularity because of state Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

AG Shapiro tweeted directing voters to call the Democratic Party’s voter assistance hotline should they have questions. AG Shapiro must have forgotten the state government line was established for the same purpose.

Pennsylvania Department of State’s landline number established for voters with questions is 877-868-3772. That’s totally different from the Democratic Party’s line 833-728-6837

AG Shapiro used his own Twitter account in the post, not the official state communications account. Yet, as a leader, his words are always taken to be state-sanctioned.

Ironically, the attorney general conflicts his own tweet pinned at the top of his account. “Leaders must speak and act with moral clarity,” says the pinned tweet.

Shapiro made rounds on Monday when he claimed “there was no way” President Trump would win Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes.

It could just be a prediction. Yet, his tweet on Tuesday directing the state’s voters to a partisan line instead of a government office raised eyebrows. Several social media users reacted to the post.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court earlier ruled on mail-in ballot deadlines, which was upheld by John Roberts Supreme Court. 

The state has also shown poor performance on battling the coronavirus under Gov. Tom Wolf.

Through its leaders, Pennsylvania has become brazen in showing the rest of the country – political party above all. Such a disgrace.

The state attorney general’s open political bias would lead the state to another level of infamy. AG Shapiro made clear to have little to no regard for impartiality.  

Does the state allow this kind of leadership?

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