Obama Wishes He Never Sent this 2016 Tweet


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After news spread on Friday night that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed, the Democrats rushed to Twitter and demanded that everyone wait until the election had ended to appoint a new SCOTUS justice.

The problem is, when conservative Justice Antonin Scalia had passed away in February of 2016, none of the Democrats had wanted to “wait”.

One person in particular is surely wishing he never sent this particular tweet in 2016. Barack Hussein Obama had then told the Senate to “do their job” and “consider appointees” before the election.


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This is his tweet from the August of 2016:

Joe Biden had also joined in, saying that the Senate has a “constitutional responsibility” to fill the empty seat.

Now that the situation has turned, both Biden and Obama are calling for the Senate to “wait” before appointing a new justice.

Just days before her death, as her strength left her, Ginsburg dictated a statement to her granddaughter, Clara Spera. “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

She knew that she would pass, and what would happen when she did. Ginsburg’s death will have consequences for the court and the country.

Inside the court, the leader of the liberal wing is gone. Added to that the fact that the court is about to open a new term, the chief justice no longer holds the controlling vote in closely contested cases.

The Supreme Court needs a new justice — why should the Senate wait now, when they didn’t before?

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