Now Trump Can be President of the World


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On Wednesday, Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy, who’s known former President Trump for many years, sat down for an interview with host Greg Kelly to talk about how the former president has been doing, as many people have been curious about what Trump’s next move will be.


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“How is [former President Trump] doing? How is he holding up? What’s he going through right now?” Kelly began.

“Well, I haven’t spoken to him recently,” responded Ruddy. “I’m letting him settle in down here.”

“He’s had an amazing time as president — I think one of the most monumental single term presidents in history. I think what’s going to happen — and it’s going to be very predictable in about six months — there’s going to be huge buyer’s remorse by a lot of people that didn’t vote for him, realizing that he was a good president, that he had done a lot of great things for the economy, for covid,” continued Ruddy.

“I think people realize that the only reason we have the vaccine is he took the theatrical steps of pumping billions and billions of dollars into the pharmaceutical companies to get a vaccine out there quickly,” Ruddy went on. “And we’re going to see the results of that this summer.”

“I think that resonates with a lot of folks,” said Kelly in response. Clarifying that he did not vote for Joe Biden, Kelly asked about one of the last things we’ve heard from Trump while he was still president.

“We love you; we will be back in some form, so have a good life. We will see you soon,” had said Trump before he got on Air Force One.

“‘Back in some form,’ it was an interesting way to put it,” said the host. “What does he want to do? And is he thinking about 2022 and 2024?”

“Hey, I think you’re going to have to ask him,” the CEO’s response began. “I certainly think he’ll be asking a lot of people. That’s how he ran for president the first time. He would ask everyone, ‘Should I run?’ And everybody said overwhelmingly, ‘Yes,’ I certainly would support him running again in 2024.”

“You know, one of the things I think he’s going to realize is: when you’re post-president, you’ve got a lot of the perks of being president. You have access to the media stage not only in the US but around the whole world. And he’s going to have no restrictions,” Ruddy continued.

“I think he’s going to like the fact that he can go around the world and certainly do business in the United States,” he added. “He loves business, but he also loves the country. So I see him staying very active politically, being a great political and media force.”

“My view on Donald Trump is he was president of the United States. Now he can be president of the world. He can really go all over the world,” the CEO concluded.

“Here’s a concern, though,” Kelly began. “Let’s face it, the mainstream media and a good chunk of society are trying to cancel him [to] prevent any comeback, prevent any role for him post-presidency; in an effort, I think, to keep him out of the presidency down the road.”

“How much of a handicap is that, and how can he get around it any?” he asked. “I know that’s a lot to put it you, but I’ve stumped myself because I want to hear more from him than we are.”

“Mainstream media is not mainstream. They’re pretty far left these days,” Chris Ruddy said. “And then the president has done a pretty good job communicating. The Rasmussen poll, [the] most accurate poll of the 2020 election and the 2016 election shows that Donald Trump had left office with an approval rating of about 51 percent, one of the most recent numbers higher than before he had the election,” Ruddy cited.

“So, I think he’s still very popular. I think that this is a good step for him,” he concluded. “And I think a lot of people are canceling the media. You know, the media is so far left.”

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