North Korea: Insane Public Execution


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The North Korean government emphasizes its intent on stopping the spread of COVID-19 and that the dictator’s rules were set to keep everybody safe.


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According to Radio Free Asia, Pyongyang made it clear by publicly executing a violator of the nation’s quarantine orders.
The outlet further said that despite the country’s repeated declaration to be free from coronavirus, it is still instituting strict mandates and measures to prevent an outbreak.

Kim Jong Un’s regime enforced lockdowns of cities and countries, stopped travel between provinces, canceled cultural activities. In April, the nation announced that the “emergency quarantine posture” would be until the end of 2020.

However, Korean smugglers transporting Chinese goods into the nation have continuously frustrated the Norks. A source told RFA that the government “ratcheted up” its mandates with “ultra-high-level emergency” measures.

“Since the end of November, the Central Committee has ratcheted up the existing emergency quarantine measures to ‘ultra-high-level emergency quarantine measures,’” the source reportedly told RFA on Tuesday.

According to the source, to ensure that the people understand the gravity of the situation, a citizen smuggler in his 50s was publicly executed by a firing squad on November 28. The smuggler apparently violated the lockdown guidelines and attempted to “smuggle with Chinese business partners.”

“They held a public execution by firing squad to threaten residents here in the border area because there’s been a lot of contact with people on the other side of the border, including a lot of smuggling,” said the source.

The source also said that the government moved the execution to avoid international outcry.

“They were supposed to shoot the guy in Sinuiju but decided to do it in Ryongchon county where he is from. If they did it in Sinuiju, the news would quickly spread across the border to China.”

The outlet further reported that the government executed a currency exchange broker who broke quarantine controls.

The regime is anxious about the coronavirus that the soldiers monitoring the border were ordered to target and shoot anyone who comes within half a mile of the border regardless of their reason.

They have likewise installed landmines along the border to “increase deterrence.”

An official also told RFA that North Koreans are becoming more afraid than ever due to the tight and strict measures of controlling their movement.

The official said this is typical behavior of Pyongyang. “Whenever the people complain because their livelihoods are affected, the authorities always try to shut them up by threatening them with public executions or by sending them to political prison camps.”

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