Newsom Now Claims He Was’ Setup’ at the Dinner Party


Image credit to Wiki Media. Image modified from original.

Following the public’s ire at the California governor’s blunder, Newsom now claims he was set up at the infamous and lavish Napa dinner party


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Newsom was caught violating the social distancing mandate and restrictions that he personally enforced. The governor insisted on calling Californians to follow the rules, yet, might have actually thought he’s above the law. 

However, in a recent statement, Newsom now washed hands, claiming the dinner party was a “setup.”

According to the California governor, he was walking in his swanky neighborhood when he read a sign, “EXPENSIVE FRENCH DINNER FOR RICH GOVERNORS HERE.” 

Newsom then thought, “Well, don’t mind if I do.” The governor then slipped inside the French restaurant after ensuring no one was watching him. Yet, later on, an investigative reporter jumped out to reveal the whole thing was a setup. That was after Newsom already ate fancy French servings with his opulent buddies. 

“SCRAM! IT’S A SETUP!” the governor screamed, rushing to the exit door. The reporter relentlessly pursued, but Newsom succeeded in making her slip on the group using his hair gel. 

“It was all a setup!” cried Newsom at a press conference this morning.

“I was just minding my own business and was trapped by hostile far-right agitators.” The California governor then said, “Nonetheless, I am deeply sorry that I got caught.”

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