News Is Looking Positive for the GOP in Georgia


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An upcoming election in Georgia on January 5 may decide on who would control the Senate.

The state has historically installed Republicans in the run-offs.

However, the conservatives cannot be so sure this year as the Democrats continue to pour money into the state. The Republicans have also grown concerned about the irregularities in the presidential elections that several wonder how the upcoming election would turn out.

Despite the challenges, many still help the Republicans since Georgia hasn’t turned all blue yet. Townhall observed that Loeffler’s strike on Warnock as a “radical” stuck due to the latter’s radical statements and actions. Warnock had also refused to admit whether he was at the church where he used to be an assistant pastor when Fidel Castro was honored. In the tape, Warnock didn’t criticize the dictator in response to Ana Navarro’s question.

If one can’t admit Castro as a Communist murderer and describe him as “complex,” one may not really be fit for Georgia.

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A report in 2014 said that a day before the 9/11 anniversary, Warnock welcomed Rev. Jeremiah Wright at his church. Wright has previously uttered controversial remarks that the event was the “chickens coming home to roost,” adding, “God Damn America.” Warnock later tried to justify the reverend’s sermon.

While the Americans are naturally concerned about the alleged election fraud and illegalities in the recent presidential race, the GOP base is currently being fired up by President Trump’s legal team to stop the Democrats.

So far, things look good as the early numbers seem to be in favor of the Republicans.

According to a new Emerson College poll, Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Sen. David Purdue currently lead their leftist rivals, Raphael Warnock and Job Ossoff, by a slight edge of 51 to 48. We only hope the polls could still be trusted.

In the final analysis, though, people have to come out to vote. There might be few irregularities and other issues, but the count needs to be secured above all. The conservatives need to be in full force to make it hard for the Democrats to counter.

After all, everyone’s hope is still a fair election.

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