New Voting Rule Allows This State to Count Dead People’s Votes?


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According to a temporary law passed in Massachusetts, ballots cast by voters who died prior to the election would still be counted.

Bill GalvinMassachusetts Secretary of State, said Monday that early votes in the November election would be counted even if the voter died prior election due to the pandemic. 

The shift in the voting rules became “necessary” due to the current pandemic.


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“It’s pandemic-era time,” Galvin said at a news conference. “So we had to expand the time for voting,” reported in WBZ-TV.

Further, the early voting window was expanded from ten days to 20 days.

Previously, Bay State has a window of ten days before the election, and if the voter cast ballot early but have died before the election day, the ballot would not be counted.

The Secretary of State argued that the number of votes would not have a massive impact, calling it “extremely rare.”

“It’s certainly not going to affect the outcome of the election,” Galvin added.

The remark sounds absurd. Why the need for the law then if it would not affect the outcome of the election?

It certainly would.

“And if it were to — I speculate here — but if it were to, obviously there’d probably be some follow-up litigation. But since I’m already reaching my quota of being sued this year, I’m not going to go there,” he continued.

The Boston Globe said that Massachusetts is one of at least 11 states which have similar laws, including Hawaii and Florida.

Two years ago, more than 12 states explicitly rejected ballots from dead voters before the counting of votes in the election, the Globe noted.

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