New Photos of Barron Trump Stun Everyone…


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The Next News Network – John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, Barron Trump, the son of former president and first lady Donald and Melania Trump, was recently seen in New York City with his mother. And boy has he grown!

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The Trump family 👍 The biden family 👎 Not only is Trump a great leader, but he’s also a good family man.

Oh Gosh, he’s a fine Young Man and, President and , Mrs Trump must be Proud. God Bless.

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  1. He certainly is a big boy, however it’s not unusual for a child that has tall parents,they do tend to be taller than the parents.he’s only 15 and probably has some more growing to do and could reach 7’….wow! I hope he continues to stand tall, some people who are very tall, has a tendency to stoop.

  2. Glad to see he has been raised by a family that believes in family values instead of being a family that states how proud they are of a junkie while making that issue a “challenge”

  3. It has been a difficult time for him the past 6yrs. seeing his father THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES constantly being attacked by the democrats one lie after another one, trying to impeach him twice and undo / destroy all the great thing his father has done for our country. He should have been able to hold his head high proud of his father, but every time I have seen him on the internet he is wearing a sad face. The sick stuff going on in are country has got to stop.


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