New Email Evidence Reveals What Burisma Wanted from Joe Biden


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Joe Biden’s camp must be painstakingly agonizing with pieces of email evidence implicating the family being slowly released in public.

We all ask the same question: did the former vice president use his name to enrich his family?

According to Fox News, as the then Vice President, Joe Biden was in charge of US relations with Ukraine. At the time, Biden had the most influence over the Ukraine government and economy than anyone outside Eastern Europe. 


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The former vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, was fully aware of his father’s influence, which was shown in the emails exposed by The New York Post Wednesday.  

Another batch of emails was also obtained by “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” believed to have been extracted from Hunter’s MacBook laptop.

In an email with a date and time stamp on November 2, 2015, at 4:36 PM, Vadym Pozharskyi, a Burisma executive, wrote to the younger Biden and Devon Archer, his business partner.

Pozharskyi relayed the purpose of the email to “be on the same page as our final goals, including, but not limited to: a concrete course of actions.”

Apparently, Burisma initially wanted good Public Relations. The executive wished “high-ranking US officials” to convey their “positive opinion” of the energy company.

Pozharskyi was looking at the administration to act on Burisma’s behalf.

The end goal, the executive explained, was to “close down for [sic] any cases/pursuits” against Burisma’s head officials in Ukraine.

As clear as day could the message mean Burisma wanted Joe Biden to cover them from the Ukrainian government, which he later did precisely as they wished.

A month later, Blue Star Strategies, a Washington PR firm, emailed Hunter Biden, which apparently was hired to lobby the Obama-Biden administration to Ukraine. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” has the exclusive copy of the email.

The email informed everyone of Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine. Attached to it is a memo from the lobbyist, Blue Star Strategies, on the call’s minutes, which includes the trip’s outline and answers to several questions regarding the US’s policy toward Ukraine.

Days after, the former vice president flew to Ukraine to perform what the energy company wanted. Joe Biden slammed the Ukrainian officials in a speech for tormenting distressing Burisma

Biden pulled his ace by threatening the Ukrainian government to withhold American aid in billions of dollars. Forced and pressured, the Ukrainian government caved into the former vice president’s like a sitting duck by firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma.

Biden, later on, bragged about his “achievement.”

The New York Post reported another article recounting the business venture between the Chinese and Hunter. One of the emails describes, “provisional agreement that the equity will be distributed as follows … 10 held by H for the big guy?” 

Could the big guy be Joe Biden? Unfortunately, the giant media back up big guy Biden, tagging the post as “unsafe.”

Yet, until when could they hide the truth? Especially if it’s coming out on its own. Only time, or perhaps, Hunter can tell.

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