NASA Scrambling After Asteroid Spotted Flying Right Towards Us…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Sudiksha Kochi from USA Today reports, A massive asteroid is expected to whiz by Earth in a relatively close encounter – 4.5 million miles – on Tuesday, according to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Nothing could be more dangerous than this current Administration

I’d say our prayers have been answered but we all know this isn’t some apocalyptic threat. Go back to sleep everyone.

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  1. Wouldn’t matter if the asteroid was 2 million miles away or 2 feet away. All these plans since the late 1970s for building something to either divert or stop an asteroid have been nothing but alot of hot air. Reagan started the Star Wars plan, mainly to protect us from nuclear attack, and when the pervert (Bill Clinton) was elected the whole thing was stopped and never restarted. So if everyone is going to mess their pants over the sky is falling, just remember, there isn’t a darn thing anyone can do about an asteroid or a comet.


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