Must Watch: Tucker Carlson Summarizes What’s Happening in America Right Now


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed on Monday what the shameless corporate overlords do to America.

Tucker openly condemned the violence at the Capitol, and rightfully so. He then denounced selective law enforcement – which entails injustice and are merely the whims of the elite.

The host detailed the corporate attacks on people who listened to the Capitol rally – even when they had nothing to do with what happened in the venue.

Paypal shut down an account that allegedly paid for Trump supporters to get to Washington. Moreover, Ariel Pink’s record label dropped him for participating in the event. A flight attendants’ union demanded that the “insurrectionists” would never be allowed again to travel commercially anywhere in the country.

According to a congressional Democrats’ letter, “insurrectionists” are sympathizers to what happened at the Capitol.

The Dems now tries to eject all representatives who challenged the election. Tucker pointed out that the Dems have since objected to Electoral College certifications since 2000. Yet, the same corporate oligarchs make it impossible for Republicans to raise funds.

Also, a Forbes editor declared that any company that would hire someone from the Trump administration would be assumed corrupt.

Tucker noted that ironically, Americans voted for Biden for normalcy. However, it is the Dems who incessantly attack and encourage Americans to condemn Trump and his allies. As a result, one man tried to kill a huge group of Republicans, almost killing Steve Scalise.

Whereas before, corporations are silent about violence. Instead, they fund Black Lives Matter and even bailed out BLM protesters.
Biden added fuel to the fire by comparing Republican Senators Cruz and Hawley to Goebbels. House Speaker Pelosi likewise urges division, explicitly race-baiting.

Even before, the Dems have rooted their foundation by causing division among parties. No wonder they still manifest the same style and tactics while the rest of us suffer.

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