Must Watch: This Is What the ‘Defund Police’ Movement Has Done…


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Fox News – Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, sounds off on Democrat Rep. Cori Bush’s calls to defund the police and pushes back on critical race theory.

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“Defund the Police” will wreck the Democrats in 2022. People are sick of this lunacy.

Save the police! It’s the Democrats that need to be defunded.

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  1. If the Democrats are successful in their effort to defund,demoralize and destroy local law enforcement and the states involved do not have enough officers to protect the citizens the Democrats will have an excuse to send federal troops to those cities to protect the citizens. In fact it will be their duty. Mission accomplished as far as the left is concerned because they will then send those federal troops to your home to pick up your guns and it will be a legal procedure. Don’t think for a moment when the democrats have a plan they don’t know the end results of the game. You have to get into their head and think, ” Now how will I take down local law enforcement and remove more states rights and get those guns all at the same time?”. They are devious.


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