Must Watch: The Media Doesn’t Want You to Know This ONE THING About Biden…


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The Next News Network – Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, On Monday, Sean Hannity spoke with House minority leader Kevin McCarthy about the state of the country under Joe Biden and what Republicans would be doing differently.

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Fact: Had the weak, Mitch MCCONNELL, MCCARTHY and the rest of the Senate stood STRONG TOGETHER…… WE WOULDN’T BE HERE WHERE WE ARE.

Trump won! Let’s go Brandon 🏁🏁

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  1. Beijing Joe is a Incredibly STUIPED ! O ‘ Biden can’t tie his Own Shoes ,Tie , Change his Own Depends without the Help from Mama Jill to help him. I can see why Beijing Joe has a Problem with his LOW Approval Ratings with his IQ at 78 .

  2. There isn’t a politician that can be trusted,they’re all multi-millionaire scum that only feather the nest they occupy. Mc Carthy rents a room from Frank Luntz{a known DEMOCRAP] so spare me the details. Also all the pricks the voted with the DEMOCRAT SCUMBAGS, CAN ALL KISS MY ASS! If the Replicant’s don’t get on board with a REAL PLAN WE ARE GOING DOWN IN FLAMES IN SHORT ORDER.Even Mark Levin won’t be able to save us!!Ican only hope I’m wrong , but it doesn’t look good!!


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