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Dr. Steve Turley
– It is now official: Cuomo is a creep! A new report has confirmed what we’ve always known: Andrew Cuomo is loathsome; together with his CNN anchor brother, they are both the lowest of the low! We now have an official report confirming that Cuomo will most likely be criminally charged for forcibly touching and groping upwards of 11 women!

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Getting rid of this guy is like trying to scrape crap off your sneaker.

Biden should take his own advice and resign considering he’s just as bad..actually worse considering he can’t stop creeping on kids.

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  1. This is good to see happening, been a long wait, and there are others that need to do the same, biden,harris,schumer,mcconnell,pelosi,nadler,schiff,finestine,sanders,
    warren, romney, and that is just for starters, and many more lesser names. but they have to resign and GO !!!!

  2. His resignation isn’t enough. If there are grounds for prosecution then this must occur. CNN ought to fire Fredo Cuomo as well.

  3. Gov. Fraudo…the LUV Gov. Dems like to fool around we even have a Trump Impeachment expert on important committees in Congress that likes to eat Chinese…and then there’s Billy Boy Clinton, Creepy Hands On, Sniffen Kitten slojo Biden…the list goes on


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