Must Watch: Massive Arizona Audit Update…


On Tuesday, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) COO Tyler Bowyer sat down for an interview with the founder and CEO of TPUSA Charlie Kirk on The Charlie Kirk Show.


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Bowyer began the session by explaining what has been happening in Maricopa County, Arizona, concerning the election. According to him, the Democrats had done everything they could four years ago to replace the county’s recorder with a “radical Democrat.” 

Tyler continued that the county recorder “did not due to a legitimate hand count by precinct.” Of course, the Democrats had claimed that this was to avoid the spread of covid and put “voting centers” into place instead.

“There were questions with the voting centers because there wasn’t a single full precinct that was hand-counted in Maricopa County,” he continued. “So the Arizona Senate has actually done a really good job… demanding that an audit be done. They subpoenaed all of the voting equipment and ballots essentially, and they were in this huge legal battle essentially with the left when the left was trying to stop them.”

Bowyer explained that the Senate won and “got possession” of the ballots and voting equipment. The audit was… just started last week, and the hired auditing firm Cyber Ninjas is responsible for all the auditing. “The big core part, which is really—I think is the most important part to me, is the hand count verification of the actual physical ballots to the numbers on the system.”

As the audit goes on, the left continues attempting to “thwart the process.” As the Turning Point USA COO said, “These leftist attorneys are now coming in an army format.” And, of course, they’re backed up by the media, as well.

“Not only are they introducing restrictive voting legislation, but they are also undertaking a truly insane audit of the 2020 election vote, five months after the election. No, I’m not making up this,” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said as the broadcast showed a “live shot of an actual audit of actual physical ballots that were… cast.”

“This should be a pretty quick process if the Democrats stop trying to stifle the entire process,” Tyler said when asked how long the audit would take. “The scenario that we have right now is that you have Democrats essentially—when it boils down to it—trying to stop a basic audit process that they say that there are no issues with the election.”

He continued that the aim is to “efficiently,” “effectively,” “quickly and rapidly” do the audit. “So we’re actually doing what the voters want, which is to verify the results. But the Democrats are the ones that are holding this process up. I mean, if it takes weeks or even months to do this, it’ll be because they’ve sent in legitimate attorneys in here to try to stop the process.”

“If the left really felt like there were no issues, why would they be fighting the audit in the first place?” he concluded.

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