Must Watch: Chris Cuomo Gets Put in His Place in Epic Fashion


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On Tuesday night, CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon were visibly agitated over President Trump’s speech and Justice Clarence Thomas’ assigning the constitutional oath to Amy Connett Barrett. The Senate recently confirmed Barrett after a 52-48 vote before the ceremony.

Though, it’s safe to say that Cuomo had the worst night of the two.

During the second half-hour of Cuomo’s “Prime Time” program, he got into a sparring match with Trump reelection campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh. The two argued over who handled the coronavirus pandemic better or worse — whether it was President Trump or Cuomo’s brother, New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Murtaugh pointed to the governor’s nursing home scandal and Chris Cuomo’s running interference for his brother during the pandemic in New York. He also noted that Trump had been more than helpful to Governor Cuomo by giving him what he needed, such as ventilators, and even a Navy hospital ship.

Here’s a video showing how Murtaugh shredded Cuomo. Notice how Cuomo has a hard time suppressing his rage at Murtaugh for calling out Governor Cuomo’s actions for what they were.

Murtaugh also pointed out Cuomo’s hypocrisy about the coronavirus precautionary measures. Cuomo broke quarantine protocol in April after he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He has also been caught multiple times without a mask, despite always forcing people to “wear the damn mask.”

The Trump campaign spokesman did so well that he got Cuomo to admit he got caught by his building manager “doing the wrong thing” — he chose not to wear a mask as his brother had mandated.

As the debate got more heated, Cuomo became more defensive, much to Murtaugh’s delight. At one point, Cuomo said that Murtaugh “mocked” his coronavirus illness.

In response, Murtaugh told him that it wasn’t mocking; Murtaugh wanted to know why he held himself to one set of standards on pandemic safety than he did everyone else, including members of the Trump administration.

My question for Cuomo is: why is it okay for him not to follow the rules his brother put in place when everyone else should?

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