Must Watch: Biden Slammed for Pulling the Race Card Over Voting Issue…


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The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, Joe Biden spoke about the new voting measures in Texas this week and used over-the-top rhetoric to politicize the issue. Biden also injected race into the issue, because that’s all Democrats can do these days.

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That’s nothing unusual whenever you disagree with the Democrats they call racism stupid people don’t know what racism is.It’s just another way a dividing people.

Demented Biden is such a jerk! Well once the republicans are back in we will get back to normal life.

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  1. While the Author is right about the Pedophile and Prostitute in power now he is SADLY WRONG about getting Republicans back in power. See the ones we need in power are the REAL REPUBLICANS not the FAKE Republicans and RINOS. McConnell and Cheney lead the FAKE Republicans and Romney leads the RINOS. The only ones we need in office are President Trump and those BRAVE Souls who Challenged that FARCE Democraps call an Election.

  2. This dumb ass shows just how racists he really is everytime he opens his mouth . Then he trys to call every one else a racists if they dont agree with him . So if iam a racists no matter what I say or do … what the hell .I may as well go for it . This white privileged racists cracker loves calling blacks racists and even go’s as far to call them nigers . He spoke up for the kkk leader when he died . Remember … if you don’t vote for him you not black . Well being half breed I not sure what the hell that makes me . But either way Iam here acting like the racists old joe saids I am . And It felt good to to say the truth for once about old joe . Your a racists you old ass cracker . Now see if they call that a hate crime like they never do for atefia and blm when they say how their going to kill cops and whites and attack asians .


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