Must Watch: Biden Proves Himself a Clown on the World Stage…


Image from video below…

The Next News Network – Richard Abelson from The Gateway Pundit reports, Speaking to US troops at Mildenhall, UK, Sleepy Joe managed to garble the name of the Royal Air Force (RAF), as the Express reported. “Embarrassingly, Mr Biden managed to turn the RAF into the RFA, when referencing the UK’s military air force”, the Express wrote.

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He is not a clown, he is a communist.

The world knows he’s useless and that he wasn’t elected. He’s embarrassing.

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  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh at this because families who have gone through the experience of a loved one with dementia will say it’s no fun and very stressful. But senile Joe and his quack wife brought this on themselves because they both know senile Joe is mentally, and probably physically, unfit for the job. So I’ll just treat this presidency as a comedy show.


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