Must See: Undeniable Truth Bombs Dropped by Candace Owens


Last week, Candace Owens, the host of her own show, joined Tucker Carlson and did not mince any of her words as she said what many Americans are thinking.


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She began by saying that “what we’re really seeing” concerning the Derek Chauvin trial is “mob justice.”

“This was not a trial about George Floyd or Derek Chauvin. This was a trial about whether the media was powerful enough to create a simulation and decide upon a narrative absent any facts,” she said, and added that the trial was about finding out whether the media “was powerful enough to repeat showing and talking about a 9-minute clip that came from somebody’s cell phone without adding any context.”

She continued that the media could have released the full clip from the police bodycam because it “would have added more clarity to the fact that the media was lying.”

“The media came out—let’s not forget this sucker—the media came out and told us that this was a man who was just getting his life together,” she added. “He was a good member of society, and he got mixed up because a racist white police officer had it out for him and killed him.”

She went on to explain that Floyd had “three times the lethal dosage [of fentanyl] in him when he died.” But according to her, “nobody cares because the media was successful in putting out a narrative, and they kept hitting that narrative.”

“The reason why the Democrats are happy is because they realize, of course, the media supports them and that means the Democrats can get whatever they want,” she explained. “Because they can create a narrative, and then they can treat people like pawns and get them to basically say, ‘if we don’t get what we want, we will riot, we will loot, we will send these people out like soldiers to destroy your neighborhoods.’”

“That is exactly what has happened. That has been the determination of this trial,” she concluded. “The media and the Democrats now have enough power to bully—to bully, and to lie to, and to create propaganda, and to successfully win. That is what happened. And they are celebrating that win today. This was not a fair trial. No person can say this was a fair trial.”

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