Must See: Psaki is Left Speechless on Texas Dems Positive COVID Cases…


Image From Video Below…

The Next News Network – Clayton Kierns from Trending Politics reports, Last week, a group of Texas Democrats gleefully fled the state in order to protest a Republican voting bill. The entire group of Democrats traveled maskless, and as luck would have it, FIVE of them tested positive for the Coronavirus.

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Imagine the outcry if President Trumps people did this???

She’ll circle back, as soon as her communist owners tell her what lie to tell next…

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  1. So much for her and bidens lie about not getting the China virus if you got your shots . To bad more of the coward delusional democrats didn’t get it for running out on the people their subposed to be working for so the delusional democrat party could use voters fraud again in the up coming elections . Answer me this then … they say people cant get ID’s to vote right ??? But they can get ID’s to get the China virus vaccine ??? I had to show a id to get my shots so how is it the so called people the delusional democrats are talking about can’t get the same Id to use for both like everyone else did ??? Just another lie by the redhead and old joe for the delusional democrat party for voters fraud to win . Like they could win fairly .


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