Must See: Psaki Exposed by Reporter Over Insane CDC Guidance


– The internet went wild when a reporter confronted Biden’s Press Sec. Jen Psaki over ridiculous new CDC guidance.

Top Comment:

Did she really just say “Our President. Our North Star” ? I cant stomach this woman

WATCH Ted Cruz drop a NUKE on Biden’s DOJ nominee that no one saw coming:

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  1. This guy is an embarrassment that can’t be corrected, international joke is not a misuse of his thought words and deeds. Left has a lot to answer for allowing this to continue, Democrats did not want him near nuclear codes, they should be worried about his live media encounters, oops to late. Our enemies sense weakness confusion, empty White House, no real leadership, just far our left ideas that are bankrupting our economy. China and Russia have certainly got what they paid for…..


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