Must See: Psaki Defends Obama’s Massive Birthday Party…


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The News Junkie’s Archives – Psaki defends Obama’s massive bday party that defies CDC guidance bc he’s a huge advocate of vaxs.

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This guy is the only reporter who actually asks proper questions

Rules and regulations are just for the citizens….not for the politicians, come on man.

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  1. How about sending the illegals crossing over the Southern border to Martha’s Vineland for a big surprise birthday present for Obummer.

  2. to comply with the ‘tolerant all inclussive POLITICALLY CORRECT demand’ send some homeless illegals infested with Covid to the party.

  3. So because former President. Obama is an advocate for people getting vaccinations, he is above reproach and can do anything he wants? Is that what Ms. Psaki is trying To say? Another classic example of democratic hypocrisy and do as we say not as we do! Come on America, wake up!!!!!


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