Must See: Pro CRT Dem is Put on the Spot in Epic Fashion!


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The Next News Network – Martin Walsh from Trending Politics reports, Fox News host Harris Faulkner unleashed on a white liberal activist on Thursday for trying to explain to her the importance of racism. Harris, of course, is African-American. So one can see the irony here.

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I’m ashamed of this woman, for not telling the truth…..they want to indoctrinate our kids from Kindergarten until they get out of College!!

Simple, if as a parent or parents you can pull your kids out of public schools, or a crappy private school, home school if possible. It’s an absolute joke to have our kids go from K-12 and beyond being taught to hate one another because of your skin color, and that’s exactly what CRT wants to do to kids. Republicans and Conservatives need to start taking a stand and put an end to all this shit going on in America right now…..stop it before it gets to a point of no return.

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