Must See: Pelosi Demonstrates How a Politician Answers a Question…


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The News Junkie’s Archives – Democrat Pelosi demonstrates how a politician answers a question.

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Piglosi and the other fossils need replacement. Immediately.

She literally informed me of nothing except she’s unable honestly to answer a question with an intelligent answer. 😳😬🤪

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  1. So, what did she tell us? It was all a bunch of rambling. She gave no common sense solutions, no valuable reasoning, and absolutely no trust in her and her cabal to keep us safe from the criminals, terrorists, MS-13 terrorists, illegals who come here to take what they want from us citizens. Nothing on how they are going to keep our rights, and keep her oath to the Constitution that SHE took an oath to defend and protect OUR Constitution, and to protect OUR citizens. She rambled on, and on, and on, and on, to keep from saying, basically, that she and her cabal are protecting the criminals and their rights to bear arms and to take our arms from us so we can defend and protect ourselves from the enemies, protect us from THEM, as they invite more and more illegals, their voters, to invade us and make us helpless sitting ducks for them to harm and kill us. Common sense says that this is EXACTLY what she said without coming out and saying it.

    • All democrats mumble that’s their norm! Governor Murphy in NJ does the same thing! Its a no wonder they have lost all creditability! Trust worthy went out the window when they took the oath of office and was breaking it as they were speaking it!!
      PS. We the People are not sitting ducks we have our 1st and 2nd Amendments. Do not faint in this battle to keep American great!!

  2. There used to be a white haired comedian on TV who was acting as a retarded professor standing in front of a blackboard writing gibberish on the board and saying things that made absolutely no sense. I think that nancy has learned how to say nothing and not answer a question from that funny comedian. All she really needed was a blackboard and piece of chalk.


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