Must See: Olympic Athlete Promises to Set Fire to the American Flag…


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The Next News Network – Julio Rosas from Townhall reports, BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe, who qualified to be an alternate in the U.S. team for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, expressed her desire last year to get onto the medal podium so she could burn the American flag.

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That should disqualify her from even entering the contest. On display hate for the world to see is poison.

Well, hopefully it won’t win, but if it does, I hope Japan arrests it for arson and gets 5 years over there!

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  1. I think everyone should publish BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe’s home address, a list of her friends and their home addresses, and the home addresses of her entire extended family.

    We shoudl also get to know the names and addresses of all of BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe sponsors.

    It is time to peacefully protest these bull schiff liberals the same way they protest conservatives and churches. It is only fair.

    BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe needs to be hassled, haunted and harassed everywhere she goes. even though she is a loser who came in firth of fifth place.

  2. Switch it to a China flag to burn she most certainly will not get away with that one! She will be begging to come back to America if she ever gets out of Jail. BTW communism doesn’t believe in due process!!

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