Must See: Ex-Cop Exposes De Blasio…


Image From Video Below…

The Officer Tatum – Ex-Cop exposes De Blasio’s Vax mandate!

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It blows my mind that anyone still listens to Fauci.

I won’t listen to any corrupt politician on what to put in my body.

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  1. it is not the virus it is all about the FAKE VACCINE , witch is designed to kill and control. And I agree to agree, with this EX COP from NYC, no FAKE QUACK doctor or CORRUPT POLITICIAN is going to force me to take a shot, and beside did any one find the 750 million dollars NYC BIG BIRD and his wife did with the money they embezzled ??? most likely not, to many distractions to cover up their CRIME to the citizens of NYC/New York State. And indict fauci for perjury to the Senate/and Congress, we know he lied, and he lied for hillary clinton,


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