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Newsmax TV – Body language expert Gregory Hartley reveals a deeper understanding of President Biden’s movements and more – via ‘STINCHFIELD’ on Newsmax.

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Don’t need an expert to know he’s a corrupt liar.

I’m not sure why you need body language with Joe Biden. If he’s speaking, he’s engaged in deception. That’s all he’s done his entire life, beginning with his plagiarism in college.

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  1. America can’t sink much lower. Our leader is a demented crook and head of the Biden Crime Family. His second in command has a mental deficiency that compels her to giggle uncontrollably when asked a question she can’t answer. The speaker of the house is a power mad maniac and the Democrat leadership is split between Marxism or Socialism. Whichever rolls. Is there another place to go? No, America was the last bastion of freedom on earth. Considering our leaders disgusting reaction to the situation in Cuba, that is no longer true, unless you are a future Democrat voter being trucked up from any country in South America. and let loose in America wherever the bus stops.
    I bow my head in shame for not fighting hard enough. I will silently take my place in the food line. Just as in Venezuela and Cuba, the lines will appear soon enough.

    • Beijing XO’biden is nothing more than HABITUAL LIAR , CON ARTIST , FRAUD , RADICAL RACIST and a BIGOT. He been that way for Over 50 Years and he will Never Ever Change.


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