Must See: Biden’s Crazy New Plan to Get People to Take the Jab…


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The Next News Network – Hank Berrein from The Daily Wire reports, On Tuesday, Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki both spoke of a “door-to-door” approach to convince Americans to get vaccinated in response to COVID-19, prompting an outburst of harsh criticism from social media.

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Joe Biden lied about not knowing about his son’s business dealings, he has zero credibility..

Almost anyone who doesn’t yet have the vaccine do not want it. Biden is wasting more tax dollars

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  1. That is the face of a TOTALLY 1000% MAD MAN, remember the 3rd Reich and the go to door to door, marking the JEWS, IMPEACH this GOONEY POS , now.

  2. Wonder how senile Joe’s vac squad is going to like having the door slammed in their face? Or how about someone with a gun coming out and saying “GET OFF MY PROPERTY!”

  3. He can send who he wants they will be told LEAVE if they don’t try shotgun starts talking. He can come and try himself and he will leave with a Needle in his eye and Vaccine in his otherwise empty skull.


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