Must See: Ben Shapiro Shreds CNN’s Don Lemon…


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Ben Shapiro – Ben Shapiro SHREDS Don Lemon Over January 6th Double Standard

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Donna Lemon is an activist, not a journalist.

i dont think anybody takes anything don lemon says seriously honestly, not even the 12 people that still actually tune in to cnn.

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  1. Donnie (BOY) Lemon , is nothing more than a ___T HUGGER. Lemon boy needs to give it up and go back home to his PARTNER. He is as much Anti-American as
    Beijing Joey O’biden , Carmela Knee Pads Hairless , Peloski Pelosi , Up’en Chuck Schumer , Pencil Neck Schitf
    Bass Mouth Water’s.

  2. Don the Black gay ‘catcher’ with a White gay ‘pitcher’ for a partner. Don: White is nice and Black can go to the back of the line. Don the TOTAL hypocrite activist who don’t like Blacks as lovers.


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