Music Video Shoot Turns into a Fiery Inferno


Image Screenshot From CBS Miami YouTube Video Below.

Thirteen people got injured after a boat exploded and caught fire during a music video shoot.

The music video, shot on a 41-foot boat called Wellcraft, turned into a fiery inferno after an explosion. Thirteen were injured, and two remain hospitalized due to severe burns.


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The commotion was caught on a mobile phone camera showing the boat engulfed in flames with Stephen Gollan, Fort Lauderdale Battalion Chief, calling it “a floating fireball.”

Investigators remain unsure of the cause of the explosion, which happened after the group still got to post the music video on Instagram. The explosion happened at about 2 p.m. in South Fork New River.

Bret King was among those who helped people to safety, saying, “[There was] a lot of smoke coming out of the cockpit when we took 3, 4 people off the boat, and by the time we got them to the bank the boat was fully engulfed in flames.”

Other passengers jumped either into the water or onto other boats that came to the rescue. Out of the 21 passengers, 13 were reportedly injured.

Chief Gollan said all of the injuries were cases of burns.

“The burns were all in various states, everything from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree,” the Chief said.

Two people were rushed to Miami Burn Center in Jackson Memorial Hospital due to severe burns. One of them even got airlifted.

Five were also taken to Broward Health due to obtained injuries but have been released immediately.

At least 50 firefighters worked to subside the flames and protect nearby boats and properties.

The boat owner refused to release a statement and mentioned that he has hired a lawyer when a news outlet reached out.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission took over the investigation.

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