MSNBC is Now Openly Calling for the Mass Murder of Trump Supporters?


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Throughout the weekend, the left have called and asked for “accountability lists” from Trump supporters. Now, the media experts are out to “level” the Republicans.


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A guest on MSNBC just said on live television that there must be no “survivors”, and that all of Trump’s supporters need to be “leveled.”

“It’s not only that Trump has to lose, but that all his enablers have to lose. We have to collectively … burn down the Republican party. We have to level them because if there are survivors — if there are people who weather this storm, they will do it again,” the guest began.

“They will take this as confirmation that, ‘Hey it just pays to ride the waves. Look at me, I made it through.’ And so, up and down the ticket, federal state local officers — the country has to repudiate this,” she added.

“This has become a dysfunctional anti-government party,” she concluded. “That is not what the country wants, and what it needs.”

She went on to talk about the proof that the Republican party has become a “dysfunctional anti-government party,” but the clip ended just before she did.

Watch the clip below.

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