MSNBC Anchor Casually Suggests Targeting Americans With DRONE STRIKES; Panel Doesn’t Bat An Eye


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MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace suggested killing Americans with drone strikes, the same as what is done to terrorists, in a segment discussing “domestic terrorism.”


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Wallace brought up a bulletin released to the law enforcement last week by the Department of Homeland Security. The National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin cautioned that the homeland security allegedly has a piece of information on the threat of “ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence.”

The MSNBC host mentioned that the ideas and ideologies of domestic extremism and terrorism, fraudulent election, and that the COVID-19 restrictions are unnecessary were all pushed by former President Trump.

When asked about the “incitement” and how the Obama and Bush administrations handled terrorism, Wallace talked about the case of Yemeni-American Anwar Awlaki, who was pursued and killed with a drone strike for inciting violence and terrorism.

Wallace then rhetorically asked how Mitch McConnell did not vote to convict someone who incited an insurrection despite knowing how to root out terrorism.

Did she suggest using drone strikes to target American protesters? No one in MSBNC cared as the host compared anti-lockdown protesters to terrorists.

Awlaki’s case suddenly became codified to use as a reference in dealing with anti-lockdown protesters. Several reports have claimed that 90 percent of drone bombs landed on unintended targets – innocent people.

Now, the fear of killing Americans has just been floated by an MSNBC reporter. The war on terror has always been a war on people, and the emergency laws are slowly being used against the Americans.

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    • The problem is that they truly believe they are RIGHT and anybody who disagrees with them is absolutely and positively WRONG and should be terminated/destroyed/droned. I listened to more than ten hours of sworn testimony at two different formal State Senate Hearings that produced proof of significant violations of long-standing election rules, after which the MSM still insists that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE. Of course there is no evidence to those who refuse to watch the hearings. There is no doubt in my mind, and that of many others who watched the hearings, that President Trump was cheated out of tens of thousands of votes. I’m not certain that there would have been enough to change the election results, but I am certain that we must prevent these kinds of “irregularities” from occurring in future elections. At this time, tens of millions of Americans feel the same as I do, and will not have any confidence in the integrity of future elections until these irregularities are recognized by both parties and corrected. Until then, UNITY will just be a silly word.

  1. The ideology of destroying the opposition is a classic communist/socialist methods — “If you are not wit us – you are against us!”
    I am very familiar with this evil – and the Americans will feel the wrath of “The people” very soon, but then it will be too late!
    The left is becoming fully in charge and openly advocate firing GOP members from their jobs, not hiring them, placing them in re-education camps and more of methods I have seen with my own eyes.
    The UNITY is a joke – it is a UNITY between an alligator and a chicken!
    The problem is that the Americans are too dumb to understand that their freedoms are already long gone! Our children are taught in schools to be ashamed for their whiteness, our public schools promote mediocrity we do not believe in the idea of “earning our keep”- we want THE GOVERNMENT to give us what we want regardless of deserving or not. Our Lawmakers are saying that looters are fully justified in looting jewelry and electronics stores because the cannot afford these things!!!
    Our courts are refusing to review the allegations of voter fraud while allowing undocumented aliens to vote without ID.
    I cannot believe that regular people actually elected these criminals to rule us – they just do not se the danger until they are half way down the alligator throat! Hard to believe that current situation could be reversed by UNITY.


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