More Likely to be Killed by a Dog than COVID


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The Dems scramble to use whatever ‘weapon’ they have left as the polls shift away from their presidential candidate.

American Thinker engagingly narrates the circus. 

We have heard about COVID-19, which the President calls China Virus, just as when the Democrats in the House of Congress sway Trump’s impeachment to the Senate.


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And as reports of casualties pile up, media outlets such as Fox News run death tally in tv screens while the business channels flash stocks. Yet after some time, the statistics focused on case counts, ignoring the number of deaths and hospitalizations altogether.

However, as the pandemic stretched through summer, we learned that the number of deaths is not organically due to COVID-19. We later learned the difference between dying “from” and dying “with” the coronavirus.

For example, George Floyd was “classified as a COVID-19 death” after being tested positive of the virus in his autopsy. Gunshots and alcohol poisonings were likely counted as COVID-19 deaths if autopsies or medical tests produce a positive test result.

Only 6 percent of COVID deaths were solely from the coronavirus, revealed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

As the virus seem to be contained, and death counts drastically plummet, the media hounded on the number of cases. According to CDC, a case constitutes different criteria, called case definition

Symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, and pneumonia comprise the Clinical criteria. Laboratory criteria mean a positive FDA approved test “using a molecular amplification detection test.” Close contact with an infected person or travel to a viral hot spot is Epidemiologic criteria.

A positive antigen test result does not mean a probable case but “presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence.”

Furthermore, the PCR test is very sensitive, detecting just a few dead viral particles without clinical significance. According to the New York Times, most of the positive “cases” are not infectious or symptomatic.

Despite it all, positive PCR test results are reported dramatically by the media, creating hysteria and anxiety to the masses.

The second wave hit in the summer, reportedly due to rallies for the President, yet the protest and riots in several US cities were not counted. As the number of cases went down, the leftists and the media needed a new narrative to scare the people and push absentee ballots.

As another surge broke out, this time among college students, the media likewise magnified the news.

However, CDC reported that for aged 18-29, which most college students are, the COVID hospitalization rate is less than 50% the rate of the overall population. Thus, the “third wave” became only a justification for the students to “switch to online class for at least two weeks.”

According to Gateway Pundit, COVID-19 cases in the US universities resulted in only two hospital admissions and zero deaths.

For young adults, under 20 years old, the likelihood of dying from COVID in Indiana is a 1.7-in-a-million chance, far lower than being killed in one’s lifetime by lightning or by a dog,” reported the outlet.

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