Migrant Kids Get a Special Welcome Gift from Kamala Harris



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Fox News – Still no plans for Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the border; reaction from ‘The Five.’

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I live near the border, my farmland has been raided multiple times. They have taken my tomatoes and watermelon. We need better security..

Kamala snuck a million copies of her book into the “Infrastructure Bill” Had to sell them somehow

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  1. Double standard again and again, Kerry out of his prior cabinet position , keep going to visit Iran, to do and say what? Giuliani the Presidents attorney under Trumps request followed up on the then “public corruption complaints” on Hunter Biden, the Double standard again, and of course then VP Biden held loans over their head unless investigation into the Biden’s was halted. Think Biden’s FBI lapdog’s went after Giuliano’s computer and evidence at his office on the Biden’s and failed to recover the additional copies and any of Giuliano’s evidence etc . They were not there, probably shipped off to his lawyer for safe keeping? Or any one of Trump’s many lawyers? God only knows where Giuliani’s investigation files are now. Guess there will be another 40 man raid on Roger Stone’s residence? This all will resurface one day, but of course not the copies the FBI held for year plus now! Joe, nice try but once again you failed, on no there goes my Legacy

  2. Lawdy you dumbasses will believe just about anything …no matter how absurd or false just as long as it is negative towards the current administration. Yet when facts and truths are put right in front of you, you blink and act like they don’t exist. But will believe Q, made up facts, false stories, and not once educate yourselves and look into where these false stories come from before getting all hysterical.


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