Michigan Whistleblower Testifies on Video, It’s Shocking


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Another video came out that shows some disturbing activity in the 2020 election.

Whistleblower Atricia Bomer explained how the poll workers in Michigan were allegedly “overwriting” ballots.

Bomer signed an affidavit saying that the poll workers did this “overwriting” on stacks upon stacks of ballots, which she witnessed.

According to former Fox News producer Kyle Becker, similar accounts were heard in Georgia where an election worker claimed that “Dominion overwrites the changes.”

The media refuses to tell these election workers’ side of the story even though they’ve signed affidavits to that effect. Many conservatives have spoken out on these election whistleblowers’ unbelievable statements and how the media still hasn’t covered their stories.

I understand why the machine provides this feature – sometimes, the scan may not be reliable (although with QR code, it shouldn’t be the case). I would expect to overwrite to be logged with the originally scanned ballot for audit – without this, it’s an open invitation for fraud.

Let the truth about Dominion come out. Let the witnesses speak. Let’s nullify these votes in GA and MI.

She’s saying “Override” unless I’m mistaken, an important distinction because it means something different than overwriting them. The result is still a fraudulent Biden vote and stolen election, but it’s important to be clear.

It shouldn’t be possible to override a ballot.

Her detailing and physically representing the setup is a pretty clear indicator of actually being in the situation she describes. Validity.

Interesting that the machines are even allowed to have that capability at all

Americans deserve to hear these voices clamoring to be heard. These witnesses deserve to speak out in court.

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